Why WordPress?

I was speaking with someone at work about personal websites and they asked what I recommended. When I said, “WordPress” they looked shocked and asked, “Why not Joomla?”

The answer was simple. “WordPress powers 25% of the web.”

Simplicity is the New Black

I really wasn’t liking this site. The theme I chose had a graphic in the middle of the slider images which looked great in the demo. But, it looked horrible with my images. Or, maybe it was too much text. The demo showed 1 line of text but the theme was grabbing 2 lines or 20 words or something. I never did figure out the pattern. And, there were issues with colors and the fonts. They didn’t feel right to me. The idea of making changes felt overwhelming.

On this beautiful Spring morning, I switched the theme. As you can see, it’s very simple. But, I love it. There are still some changes I want to make. The images could use some work and I want to use a few custom fonts (which need to be added to the theme) on the Services page. But, with the new theme, it feels doable. I don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of modifying this theme.


Wow. Today, New WordPress and Plugin Update

I haven’t been here in a couple days and I arrived to find 2 needed updates. One for WordPress itself patching security vulnerabilities. And, just to be safe, you always want to backup a WordPress site before you update it. You have two options for backing up your site – the Tools menu item or get a plugin. Either way, you need to do this.

The EU Cookie Law

I’m a relatively bright guy, generally enter fruitful Google search terms and don’t balk at reading detailed or technical information. But, after an hour or so trying to figure out this law, I’m giving up. It seems the law has changed over time and is different (or interpreted differently) by various member states. I located many 3rd party statements and explanations but found nothing by the EU. I suppose it would be a matter of finding the equivalent of their Congressional Record.  Apparently, the 2 sentence blurb I came up with is more than enough. Now, I need a more link that goes to my yet to be written privacy statement. The one I wrote a couple years ago won’t do, today. The technologies of 2016 require an updated privacy statement.

My First Plugin Update

This site has been up less than a week and I’m already being alerted to a plugin update. It only has a few plugins. In fact, I was coming here to add a new plugin, one that satisfies the EU’s cookie requirements.

I’ll be putting up a gallery website for a fb friend from London, and due to the EU requirements, visitors to her site need to be told there are cookies and they must actively accept them or, uh, dragons burn their homes. Maybe.

Regardless of the exact rules, my understanding (and I ain’t no lawyer and this ain’t legal advice) my understanding is that a visitor to your website from the EU must be told, and accept, that you may place cookies on their computer or they can take you to court if you do.

I’ll find out the exact rules post them if they’re not too long. In the meantime, it can’t hurt to have the notice on your site. So, I’m going to get the notice plugin working on this site and then put Karen’s gallery up and she’ll have a working notice from the get go.

Now, to see what plugin I’m supposed to update…

Day 2, and it’s getting a little better.

Yeah, it’s getting a little better. There are a few more widgets and the slider is working. Now that I see how it operates, I need to edit my graphics more. Right now, I’m using the free version of the Himalaya theme. I do like the way it looks, even the free version. I’m going to keep working on it over the weekend and see where I can take this site.  Sure, I may switch themes. That’s part of the beauty of WordPress.

It’s also one of the downfalls or gotcha’s. Sometimes, a feature you really like simply doesn’t exist in your new theme. That’s where creativity and compromise come into play. With a little of each you can almost always get WordPress to provide the functionality and good looks you want. No wonder WordPress powers approximately 25% of the web.

I’m back!

After some time off, I’ve decided to breathe life back into NeonBlue Web Services. So, if you need some help on your website, get in touch. Regardless, please come back in a week and see what I’ve done with the place. I think you’ll like it. Thanks.