My First Plugin Update

This site has been up less than a week and I’m already being alerted to a plugin update. It only has a few plugins. In fact, I was coming here to add a new plugin, one that satisfies the EU’s cookie requirements.

I’ll be putting up a gallery website for a fb friend from London, and due to the EU requirements, visitors to her site need to be told there are cookies and they must actively accept them or, uh, dragons burn their homes. Maybe.

Regardless of the exact rules, my understanding (and I ain’t no lawyer and this ain’t legal advice) my understanding is that a visitor to your website from the EU must be told, and accept, that you may place cookies on their computer or they can take you to court if you do.

I’ll find out the exact rules post them if they’re not too long. In the meantime, it can’t hurt to have the notice on your site. So, I’m going to get the notice plugin working on this site and then put Karen’s gallery up and she’ll have a working notice from the get go.

Now, to see what plugin I’m supposed to update…