Simplicity is the New Black

I really wasn’t liking this site. The theme I chose had a graphic in the middle of the slider images which looked great in the demo. But, it looked horrible with my images. Or, maybe it was too much text. The demo showed 1 line of text but the theme was grabbing 2 lines or 20 words or something. I never did figure out the pattern. And, there were issues with colors and the fonts. They didn’t feel right to me. The idea of making changes felt overwhelming.

On this beautiful Spring morning, I switched the theme. As you can see, it’s very simple. But, I love it. There are still some changes I want to make. The images could use some work and I want to use a few custom fonts (which need to be added to the theme) on the Services page. But, with the new theme, it feels doable. I don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of modifying this theme.